We woke up at 5 am on 24 Feb in the middle of the night from the sound of explosions. That was the day when Russia started the full-scale war against Ukraine.

We, the Truck Ready
team, are just a small startup and we have never faced the war. It is frightening but we will help our country, our people no matter what. We are donating our flesh, our blood, our resources and we will not stop till Ukraine win.

We need your help, stop being silent!

Dear people of Albania, USA, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Holland, Croatia, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, France, Romania, Germany, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK, Denmark, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Montenegro.

In this difficult time for Ukraine, we`re calling everyone to unite for the protection and order of the whole civilized world! Our people are dying in the war, it is very important to protect the airspace!

Without any weapons in place, we can contribute to stopping this awful war!

Everyone can refer to his or her government with a requirement to provide Ukraine with military aid. Only you can knock to your Government! Your country can provide for military and humanitarian aid.

Say #NoWarInUkraine publicly! Refer to your governmental officials! Join the peaceful rallies!

#CLOSETHESKY @RazomForUkraine | Linktree